How to make an online word of the year

How to make an online word of the year

When you’re a young teenager, the internet is a place you have to keep tabs on your classmates.

For those who have never had a connection to a networked world, that’s a scary prospect.

But it’s an opportunity.

In today’s world, the only way to make the most of your online life is to connect with other people and create a word of a year.

To help you choose your next online word, NBC News asked more than 50 experts for their top recommendations.

This year’s word of year is the word “pig,” which has captured the attention of millions on social media.

This word is so new and unique, and so widely accepted, that we feel like we know it right away.

What are your top suggestions for a word that you would love to see become the next online hit?

This year, “pigeon” will become the newest online hit.

This term is being shared by people all over the world and the word has already become popular with thousands of fans on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

We love how this word is getting out there.

The only problem is that it has to be something you can’t do without.

The term “pile” is also getting popular, as well.

People are making this word out of thin air.

It’s a term that people use to refer to piles of bricks.

People make piles of their own bricks, but what if they could pile them on each other?

What if they would pile each other into the same pile and have them all stand up?

We’ve heard this idea before.

What if we would put the word in the form of a pile, and have each person stand on top of each other and have a pile of bricks, each of which would be a pile on top.

Then everyone would stand on the other pile and everyone would get to pile on each others.

Now that’s an idea that we could easily do!

The first year of word of years will be announced in May.

Here’s how to get started: 1.

Get involved: If you’re looking for an online community to support you and your project, we’d love to hear from you.

Please tweet @nbcnewyork with your ideas for a new online word.

We’d also love to get feedback from you about your word of choice.


Choose your favorite online word: If a word is popular enough, you may be the next word of that year.

For example, “chicken,” “marijuana,” “pink slime,” “coconut” and “sperm” are all popular online terms that have already captured the imagination of many.

We also love “pixie dust,” “french fries,” “black cat,” “blue-eyed baby” and many others.

Make your picks and share them on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #wordofyear.


See the competition: We love competition and competition for words.

If you like the idea of building your own word and want to see if you can beat someone else to the word, there are many opportunities to compete on social networks.

In the next few weeks, NBC’s word experts will choose a new word and we’ll have a chance to see who can come up with the best word of their choice.

This online competition will take place between March 10 and March 17, and the top three words will be revealed in a special online video on March 22.

In that video, word experts can share their picks and ask fans for feedback about their favorite online words.


Take a look at the results: We will use our own algorithms to determine which words will go on to be the final word of this year’s online word and in a future online word competition.

In order to make sure we do this right, we’ll take into account the popularity of the word and the length of the time it takes to make it.

We’re also taking into account how well the word is liked by fans of the network.

In addition, word of ideas will be posted on our official website as well as on Twitter.


Let the competition begin: If your idea of a word has been a success and you are looking to get your name on a list, be sure to join the competition and let us know.

We want to know what you think about your idea, what you want to build on it and what you would like to see us do next.

Let us know what your word is and where you would build it. 6.

Check back on March 18: We’ll be announcing the next words of the next year’s competition on our website.

Then, fans can choose which words of each will be the winner of the 2018 word of honor, the 2017 word of honour, the 2016 word of honorees and the 2015 word of honors.


Get ready for the competition!

The competition will begin on March 10.

The winner will be selected and announced on March 17.

If the winner is not chosen by March 17


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