Language barriers in France, Germany & the UK

Language barriers in France, Germany & the UK

French, German & UK native speakers have been speaking English for centuries.

But many people from other countries are speaking French differently to English.

Many of the world’s biggest languages are not spoken by people who speak English, including Arabic, Chinese, Korean & Vietnamese.

In the UK, French is the second most common spoken language in the UK after English. 

Many speakers of French use their native language as their first language, with many also using their first native language in their daily life.

French is the main official language of France & the Netherlands, where many are working.

French has become the lingua franca of many of the largest European countries.

There are French-speaking groups in some countries including Germany, Spain, Portugal & Italy. 

French has become an official language in Germany, and French-language TV programs are broadcast in some German-speaking countries. 

In France, French-based companies are legally required to offer French- and English-language versions of their products & services to customers.

Many French companies are owned by companies in other European countries & many of their employees are employed in those countries.

The French government has stated that it will try to ensure that the majority of its employees have a French-medium language skills level.

In the UK the number of English-only schools in schools has increased rapidly over the last few decades.

Although the number is still quite small, there is a growing trend to teach the majority to French.

There are also some English-medium schools in the US, but the numbers are not as large.

British & Irish speakers are often more vocal in their language & there are some French- & English-speaking politicians & celebrities.

Some people may also choose to speak French on social media, but these are often restricted to those who are part of the English-to-French-speaking community. 

 The UK & US have different official languages & many different languages are spoken on the island nations of the United States & Ireland.

The French-Canadian community in the United Kingdom has formed a linguistic association called French-Canadians, which has helped to foster French-American language exchange & cultural exchange.

 The majority of the population is bilingual & they all speak French. 

There are French websites & social media pages that promote French language activities. 

The French Language Awareness & Awareness Network (FLAN) was formed to foster a greater understanding & education of the French language. 


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