The best and worst in fashion news from around the world

The best and worst in fashion news from around the world

By Tom BowerThe world’s favourite designers and brands are taking a stand against the Trump administration’s travel ban on some of the world’s most respected brands.

The U.S. travel ban, which has caused a backlash across the globe, has forced fashion labels to reconsider their brands’ branding and advertising.

Some brands, like Gucci, have announced they will not use the phrase “United States” on their products, but many others, including the likes of Gucci and Gucci West, have stayed silent.

Many brands, including Gucci , have decided to stay silent on the travel ban but others, like L’Oréal and Calvin Klein, have released statements.

But the latest from fashion brands on the issue comes from the fashion industry’s most iconic brands, such as Gucci.

Gucci, the world-famous brand that makes the world famous Gucci bag and other iconic products, has announced that it will not include the phrase ‘United States’ in its branding.

Guccis spokeswoman Anissa Chahal told CNN that the decision was not a political one.

“We don’t feel this is right to make a statement about our brand, because we know that we can’t be silent anymore,” Chahat told CNN.

“If we don’t say that, we don-t feel like we are telling the world about Gucci.”

Some of Guccis other signature products, like the Gucci Spring 2016 collection, also will not feature the phrase, she added.

While the U.K. and China have announced similar bans on their own citizens, both of which have a strong market share in the fashion world, the U,S.

and UK travel ban has not been widely embraced by fashion brands and their advertising dollars are already struggling.

The United States travel ban was issued in September 2017, after the president’s first executive order temporarily barred citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States.

Trump’s second travel ban in January banned travel to the U., Canada, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Syria for 90 days and for 90 additional days for refugees and citizens of Syria, Iraq, Somalia and Yemen.

In a statement, the French fashion house Marc Jacobs said it is “committed to diversity, inclusion and tolerance”.

The statement also said it does not “believe in the exclusion of people based on their religion or nationality”.

“We are concerned that these measures, if implemented, could harm the international fabric of fashion, the culture of fashion and the work of fashion,” it said.

“Marc Jacobs believes that, as a brand, it is our responsibility to promote respect for diversity and to promote the values that define the values of our brand.”

In a separate statement, Gucci said it would not include “America” on its website or in advertising.

“The Gucci website is designed to provide the best possible product information, but we do not intend to change its content and brand,” the statement said.

The brands statement comes amid reports of the Trump Administration trying to censor the fashion and advertising industry.

“For many, this is the first time they’ve seen their voices heard,” said Masha Gessen, a partner at the law firm Pepper Hamilton.

“They’re angry that they have to hear their voices, and they’re angry at the people who are not listening to them.

They’re furious that people who have been in the industry for generations are not heard.”‘

No way I’m going back’: Parisian designer and fashion designer Anna Haggis told CNN she had no regrets about staying silent about the travel bans.

“I’ve got to say, I don’t regret what I did.

I think it’s not my fault, I just feel like I have to speak up,” she told CNN’s Erin Burnett.

“I feel like there’s no way I’ll ever say, ‘I’m going to leave the US.'”


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