How to get the French language right

How to get the French language right

When you ask a French person how they would pronounce the word ‘barbeque’, the answer is a lot of words with a long vowel sound. 

The French, after all, are not as fond of acronyms as Americans are. 

This is why the word “barré” has a long sound in English, and why it can be pronounced as ‘bah-RAH-eek’. 

This can be a little annoying if you want to make it more familiar for your listeners, but the French word “beau” has the same sound in French as well. 

It can be confusing for the average English speaker to get used to the sound of ‘beau’ and to pronounce it differently than in French.

So to avoid this, try and pronounce the sound as it’s pronounced in English. 

If you can, also try to spell the word as you pronounce it in your own language. 

In French, this means ‘beaux’, but in English it’s ‘beaut’, ‘beaucoup’, ‘bauche’. 

Here are a few tips on how to spell it in French:  The ‘s’ sound on ‘b’ is pronounced like a ‘s’, so ‘barbecue’ means ‘burger’ (not ‘burr’). 

‘E’ sound like ‘e’ in English ‘I’ sound similar to ‘a’ in French and can be either ‘a’, ‘i’, or ‘e’. 

‘Ie’ sound more like ‘ee’ in Spanish ‘I’, like ‘a,’ sound ‘I’. 

The other sound is the ‘b’. 

You can also ‘bé’ in a ‘b’, but ‘be’ sounds like ‘beep’ in both English and French. 

How to pronounce ‘bar’ in french with the sound ‘bə’  The pronunciation of ‘bar’, also called bébé, is a bit more complicated than the other sounds. 

To begin with, when you hear a ‘barb’, you should try to imagine it sounding like ‘bòbé’, the French pronunciation of the word. 

When you hear ‘bœbe’, you’re going to get a slightly different sound.

In the French, bœ means ‘to drink’. 

Bé means ‘liquor’. 

Therefore, bé is used to sound like drinking wine. 

So to find the right pronunciation, try using the word like ‘beer’, ‘beer, bier’, or the other word for ‘beer’. 

In the words ‘bier’ and ‘beier’, you can find out how much you should drink. 

Be sure to follow the rules of your language when you’re listening to French, because if you do that, you’ll be able to use the words correctly in your head. 

But if you are unfamiliar with the word, try listening to the pronunciation in your native language instead. 

Here are some other tips to help you when trying to pronounce the French words:  You should try and learn to speak like the French person you’re talking to. 

They are very polite, and you don’t want to offend them. 

Try to be as neutral as possible when you speak. 

You’ll be surprised how much French people can take offence at something you say, but it won’t hurt them.

If you do get into a tiff, just let it pass. 

And don’t make the mistake of saying something in French that you really shouldn’t. 

For example, the ‘c’ in ‘car’ means to drive, so if you say ‘carte’, you sound like a car driver, not like a french driver. 

If you’re not comfortable saying the French ‘me’ or ‘me’, try saying ‘vous’, which sounds like it should be pronounced like ‘vous’. 

And remember, you’re never supposed to be talking to a person you don´t know. 

The French are very good at making fun of us. 

 If they say something in their language, you should laugh. 

Don’t forget to say ‘la’ (goodbye)  When speaking in French, the French often use ‘la’, the sound for ‘goodbye’. 

If the words you’re saying are ‘la bonne’ or a ‘la bien’ (leave), they’re saying ‘good bye’ to you. 

This sounds strange, but in French you can also say ‘La Bonne’, which means ‘good-bye’ in Italian, and ‘Bien Bonne’ means goodbye in Spanish. 

‘La bien’, the second sound after ‘la’. 

This is the French equivalent of ‘la même’, the German word for goodbye. 

To be clear, you shouldn’t say ‘Biele’ when talking to French people. 

It’s a very bad word, and a very rude one


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