The best ways to find a great restaurant in Germany

The best ways to find a great restaurant in Germany

Germany’s culinary landscape is in full swing, with an abundance of restaurants to choose from.

Here’s our list of the best places to eat and drink in Germany.


La Grange Restaurant and Wine Bar (Biergarten) – 6,500sqm in the heart of Berlin, La Granges offers a wide range of dining options and wine pairing options.

You can enjoy a tasty and reasonably priced dinner with a glass of champagne at this restaurant.


The Old-Fashioned Bar & Grill (Südtirol) – The Old Fashioned bar & grill is located just off the main square of Berlin.

It offers a variety of classic German dishes, including burgers, fish & chips, and a variety menu of beer, wines, and spirits.


The Biergarden (Buergerbräu) – This beer garden in Biergelberg is a destination for beer aficionados, as it offers an extensive beer menu.

You’ll find plenty of Belgian ales, German ales and lagers, a large variety of imports and exports.


Oude Voss (Bürgerbrunnen) – Oude Verstärker is a popular restaurant in the trendy area of Berlin where the beer is served.


Le Merlot – This charming restaurant in Leipzig has been around since the 1930s.

It’s the oldest restaurant in Berlin and has been a local favourite for more than a century.

It is well known for its classic cocktails, excellent French cuisine, and the fact that it’s located in one of the most beautiful parts of Berlin (not to mention the location).


The Café Le Merlouche – This popular cafe has been open since the late 1970s, and is a must-visit for those looking for a little more comfort and elegance than the average restaurant.


The Le Merle – A beautiful old bar and restaurant that has been serving up some of Berlin’s best cheeses for decades.

It has also been serving delicious burgers since the 1970s.


Biergeirtsstraße (Bavaria) – Biergerstraße is the most famous place in Berlin to catch a football match.

There are a lot of football stadiums in Berlin, but Bierga has the distinction of hosting the largest football match in the world, the 1986 UEFA European Cup Final.


Grosvenor Street Food and Wine Restaurant (Kroger) – If you’re looking for great food and a great place to enjoy beer, this is the place to go.

This restaurant is located in the centre of the city, close to many of the famous shopping areas.


Café La Grigne (Bauhaus) – Café La grigne is an outdoor bar serving great food from a large selection of Belgian beers, wine and spirits, plus some delicious French dishes.

11. Bürgergrätz – This traditional Berliner’s beer garden has been one of Berliners favourite spots for more, than 100 years.

It hosts a wide selection of German als, German lagers and pilsners.


The German Kitchen (Kromat) – Located in the fashionable Bierkonnerstraßen district, this German restaurant serves up delicious German food with a German twist.


Le Meurisseur – This is an intimate and romantic restaurant in Kreuzberg, in the beautiful district of Kreuzburg.

The atmosphere here is very romantic, with a wonderful ambience and good food.


Le Chambre – Le Chambrre is a classic Berlin restaurant that’s open to the public every Saturday and Sunday.


Bodega Berliner (Berlin) – An authentic Berliner restaurant located in Berlin’s famous Brandenburg Gate.

This is a German style restaurant serving good food and excellent wines.


Le Bistro (Kremmer) – A popular restaurant located on the square of the old city of Krems, Le Bismarck is famous for its delicious cheeses and other traditional dishes.


The Cerveza – This famous Italian restaurant is a well-known landmark in Krems.

Its owner, Francesco Colombo, is an Italian who has been running the restaurant since 1963.


Ritz Carlton – This classy hotel is a haven for stylish and fashionable Berliners, with excellent wine and beer selection.


La Tresor – This small Italian restaurant in Stuttgart is famous as the home of the finest Italian and French cuisine in Berlin.


Café Bier (Berliner) – Restaurant Bier in Berlin is one of only two German restaurant chains in the entire country, and it’s known for their excellent Italian, French, and German food.

The best restaurants in Germany, by area, are: 1 .

La Grille – 4,500 sqm in Bierslau, this


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