How to say “in french” in the UK

How to say “in french” in the UK

France’s public television station, France Inter, is trying to bring some of the language quirks and quirks of its country to English, a task that has been a constant challenge.

Its website is called, French is English, and the French language is displayed in English, but there are some other quirks.

One of them is that you don’t need a dictionary to speak French.

“In France, if you don [need a] dictionary, you can still say ‘in French’,” says François Rochon, a news editor who also helps to translate the French content.

That means you can say things like “in French, you’re on a bike”, and “you’re a tourist”.

This isn’t something you have to learn to say.

It just means you know what you’re saying.

“You just have to get used to it,” says Rochons French colleague, Christophe Lecourtier.

“It’s easy.

The French language website, Franç, was launched in June. “

And that’s a good thing because if you try to say things you don´t understand, it’s hard to say anything else.”

The French language website, Franç, was launched in June.

There is no official word list of words and terms, but most of the phrases are based on the dictionary, with some examples.

The site also has a guide for learning French, with words like ‘coupé’, ‘bien’, ‘parlant’ and ’boutique’ listed.

Rochot said the site is designed for a younger audience.

“A lot of people start learning French with the school books.

But the French is very different,” he said.

The French-language website,, is also very different from the English version of the site, which is based on dictionaries.

For example, the site has more than 50,000 words and phrases for the word “banana”, but there’s only a handful of French words and adjectives for “bananas”.

“In French, it can be difficult to define ‘banana’ or ‘bananas’,” said Rochont.

“So the site tries to give a lot of explanations.”

This is where you can see more of the words.

There are even some terms like “boutiques” or “champagne”.

Rochron says that’s what’s been missing from the website, and it’s a sign of the times.

“There are lots of restaurants, and so on,” he explained.

“French-speaking people need a way to express themselves and talk about things.”

French-speaking websites and news outlets have also struggled to make it in the English-speaking world, but that hasn’t stopped them.

There’s a French-focused site called and a French language news website, France News, which are all owned by French companies.

It has a new app called France News Express, which can be accessed from any phone or tablet.

Rachon says the website is designed to cater to French-speakers.

“For example, if somebody asks you what you think of the new album, it will give you a lot more information,” he says.

“The site also does some of these quizzes to test you on your vocabulary.”

This quiz will test you if you can translate French into English.

It can also give you more information about what you can and can’t say in French.

And there are plenty of other quizzes.

For instance, you could try answering the question, ‘What is a banana?’

The French website has also started giving quizzes in English.

“What is the difference between a banana and a cucumber?” asks the site.

“Yes, it depends on the country,” says France News.

“But the cucumber is a fruit.”

France News also offers an English-language podcast.

The English-based podcast, French Talk, was created by a former French news reporter and includes a number of French news, culture and social topics.

But it’s also got a French channel, France Radio.

The podcast has also been criticised for the language it uses, and some of its hosts have been fired.

“Some of the podcasts, particularly the ones that use the French word ‘toute’ (meaning to), have a tendency to use it as an insult, and in this case, the French speaker in question is not in charge of the podcast,” wrote Jean-Pierre Leger, an English teacher from Montreal, Canada, in his review of the show.

“When we are in the room, we are supposed to have a good relationship, but the same goes for the ‘troublemaker’ who says something and it is the French channel that is the troublemaker.”

The BBC has also used its French-based English-to-French podcast, A Day in the Life, to talk about topics such as food and fashion.

French Radio, the channel with the


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