Which NFL team should you root for in Week 17?

Which NFL team should you root for in Week 17?

The sport bible’s first edition was published in 2016 and included some of the most exciting and compelling NFL storylines to date.

One of the biggest storylines was the emergence of the San Francisco 49ers, who went 8-8 in the 2017 regular season and missed the playoffs.

The team’s top wide receiver, Anquan Boldin, was a free agent after the season.

In the first edition, the 49ers ranked 13th in points per game, 20th in passing yards per game and 29th in rushing yards per contest.

With the 49er offense struggling to score, it appeared the team was on the brink of being eliminated from the playoffs and was going to be out of the playoffs in just one year.

However, the Niners were able to avoid the playoffs by defeating the Cleveland Browns, 28-23.

It was a big win for the team, and Boldin’s performance helped boost the Ninos chances of making the playoffs again.

The Niners offense was the best in the NFL, averaging 6.7 yards per carry and scoring 14.4 points per contest in the regular season.

However, the defense was also effective, allowing just three touchdowns and allowing just 21.5 points per outing.

The 49ers defense gave up just three rushing touchdowns and allowed just one touchdown rushing to their running backs.

The biggest difference was in the secondary, which allowed just six rushing touchdowns, and allowed only seven interceptions.

However the secondary was also solid at stopping the run and allowing a league-high five sacks.

This year, the team has the NFL’s second-ranked secondary, giving up just 10.5 yards per rush, which ranks 10th in the league.

The 49ers are coming off a Super Bowl win in which they allowed just two touchdowns in the first half, but they were able by the second half to put up 24 points.

This is the team that had a great game plan in the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots, and it’s showing here as the 49ERS have the best offense in the game.

The defense has been fantastic, giving the Nincos the best scoring offense in football.

The Niners also have a great running game that is the best running attack in the NFC.

This offense also has some great playmakers at wide receiver.

Boldin is a top-10 receiver in the country, and the team is bringing in a bunch of younger receivers that are ready to contribute right away.

The biggest question heading into Week 17 is who the best quarterback is going to face.

There is no question the Texans are the best team in the AFC West, and they’re ranked first in passing touchdowns allowed per game.

However this week they face the Colts, who have been outscored by a combined 17 points over the last two weeks.

The Texans are also ranked third in yards per attempt.

The Colts offense is still struggling to put points on the board, but their defense has done a great job of stopping teams in the end zone.

The Colts defense has allowed just 13 points in the last three games, which is the fourth-fewest in the nation.

The other big question heading to Week 17 will be whether the Colts can hold on to quarterback Andrew Luck.

Luck has played in all three games of the Colts season, but he has been sacked three times.

Luck will be asked to be the quarterback of this team if the Colts don’t make the playoffs this year.

The Patriots are also coming off an amazing season, allowing 16 points per victory.

However they have a quarterback that has been the best of all-time.

Tom Brady is the most accurate quarterback in NFL history, with a completion percentage of 86.2 percent.

He has thrown for 2,735 yards, 17 touchdowns, six interceptions, and 29 rushing touchdowns.

The two teams will be battling for a playoff spot in the second round.

Both teams have a lot of firepower up front, and neither team can rely on one player to do all the things.

The Ravens will be coming off their first win in the playoffs, as they upset the Cincinnati Bengals 38-14.

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh will look to lead his team to a win and he’s done it with a top defense that has given up just one rushing touchdown.

The offense is also coming into its own with a new head coach.

The Bengals are coming into the season ranked 26th in total offense, but it’s going to take some big plays from the Ravens offense to take over the AFC North.

This article was written by Aaron Wilson from The Sport Biography Bureau and was originally published by The Sport Bibles.

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