Why are French speakers so good at English?

Why are French speakers so good at English?

A few weeks ago, a colleague wrote me an email with the subject line, “Can you help me translate French words?”

And I said yes, and that was a mistake.

He had to re-read his email to make sure I had the correct word.

I had no idea how bad French is.

I think it’s because it has a way of making you think you’re reading French, even when you aren’t.

French people are often very good at translating words in English, especially when you’re speaking the language.

They do this by combining them.

It’s like having a dictionary with your favorite word.

They’ll try to create an association with the English word for that word and then the French word.

For example, if you want to translate a verb, you might ask, “Are you talking about an animal?” or “You said to be eating something?”

The answer will always be yes.

The other way you can make this association is to ask, “‘Are you asking for something?'”

It’s an association that can last for days, even weeks.

You may hear people say, “If I just use this word, I’m a translator,” or “I’m not translating it.”

If you’re a good translator, you know that you can say a lot of different things in the language, even if you’re not saying the word.

But it’s like a bad association, because if you use that word, you’re saying it wrong.

But that’s where French comes in.

There’s a lot more French than English, and if you have a lot in common with English, you can use a lot, even though you might not be able to communicate in it.

I’m not a good English speaker, so I can’t speak French.

But there are some things I can do to improve my French, because it’s something I know.

French people are very good in that regard.

I know a lot about French and I like it very much.

It just has a really strong sense of rhythm, which I enjoy.

I try to learn French and speak French everyday.

I don’t know why that is.

When I do, I try not to forget what French sounds like, because I have no clue how to translate it.

There are many things that are really nice about French.

For instance, the way they say “la bâtiment” is beautiful.

It has a nice melody, and the French is a beautiful language.

It sounds very much like English.

It also has the right amount of time to make a connection.

If you can find a good rhythm in French, you don’t have to worry about making too many associations.

You can learn French with one word.

And you can even learn a lot without learning a word at all.

So I’m sure that you’ll be able do that.

I like this book “A Beginner’s Guide to French” by Jean-Michel Agliani, who is also the author of “French Grammar: An Introduction.”

The book has a lot to say about the grammar of French.

I was surprised by the length of this book.

It can take you hours and hours to learn the language completely.

And even then, you will have to practice with it.

You need to use the same sentence structure every time, because the grammar rules of French are very complex.

I also liked Aglianis advice to “practice with” a French sentence, because there is a lot that goes into making a sentence good, and it is important to be able just to practice and not get discouraged.

If I get frustrated, I say, It’s just a bad habit.

I can fix it later.

The grammar of English is also very complicated.

There is a big difference between “I” and “me,” and “I know you.”

In English, I use the word “me” when I’m speaking about myself.

If someone says, “I am really tired,” I say “I need a nap.” But I don


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