How to get a better sense of the US presidential race

How to get a better sense of the US presidential race

Donald Trump is on a tear.

The presumptive GOP nominee is doing so well that he is doing well enough that a new CNN poll finds he leads Democrat Hillary Clinton in battleground states in a new poll.

In Colorado, where Clinton leads Trump by just under 5 points, the poll found the race is now in a statistical dead heat, 49% to 46%.

Clinton’s lead in that state is down 6 points from a CNN/ORC poll last week, but it is still the largest difference in the poll’s tracking data for the election cycle so far.

The same poll found Clinton leading Trump in the state by 6 points in North Carolina, where she leads by 9 points.

In Florida, the race has tightened up to a razor-thin margin between Clinton and Trump, but the two remain within 5 points of each other in the latest poll.

Both candidates are in double digits in Ohio, which holds its first presidential primary in a month.

Trump leads by a slim margin in Virginia, which will hold its second primary in two weeks.

The latest poll shows Clinton leading by 9 in Colorado, a state where she was polling at a comfortable 12 points in October.

In North Carolina where the race remains tied at 43%, Clinton leads by 6 in a state with nearly 40 million people.

She has led by 5 in Florida, where the two candidates remain neck and neck in the polls at 41%.

Clinton leads in the battleground state by 2 in Iowa, where both candidates have increased their lead by 4 points.

The race is still tied in Ohio at 45%, and the two are neck and corks at 45%.

Clinton has led in Ohio by 10 points in recent weeks, but has narrowed her lead there by 4 in the past week.

In the poll, which has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.6 percentage points, Trump leads Clinton by 7 in Colorado by 7 points.

Clinton leads Clinton in North Korea by 3 in Russia by 3 points.

And in Russia, Trump trails by 3, according to the poll.

CNN’s pollster Peter Hart, a former pollster for the Republican National Committee, has said that he believes Trump’s recent surge could be fueled by the former New York City mayor and reality TV star’s success in building his political brand.

CNN/SurveyMonkey polls have been tracking the race since September and showed Trump and Clinton tied at 46% in the early voting states of Iowa, Nevada, and Ohio, before a spate of polls showed the race tightening in recent days.

The new poll, conducted Thursday through Sunday, showed Clinton ahead by 3 percentage points in the swing states of Virginia, Colorado, and North Carolina.

Trump is ahead by 2 points in Florida and tied for second in Iowa.

The survey surveyed 1,023 adults nationwide from Aug. 15-20.

The CNN/Orc online poll of 1,009 adults was conducted from Sept. 1-5, and the SurveyMonkey online poll was conducted between Sept. 5-8.

In addition to its national polling, the CNN/TIPP PollTracker daily tracking poll of 464 likely voters in the final week of August showed Trump leading Clinton by 5 points in Ohio.

The poll had a margin that was plus or plus 4.3 percentage points.

A CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll of likely voters conducted Aug. 20-22 had Clinton leading the former secretary of state by 3.5 percentage points with a margin ranging from plus or +/- 3.4 percentage points to plus or below 4.2 percentage points among likely voters.

Trump had a similar lead in the last poll.

The previous CNN/Gallus poll of registered voters conducted July 17-19 had Clinton ahead of Trump by 7.3 points, while the previous SurveyMonker survey of 1-800 likely voters showed her ahead by 7 and 9 percentage points respectively.

*Hillary Clinton is on fire: CNN/WMUR poll*By RYAN ROSS, AP pollster*WASHINGTON (AP) Hillary Clinton is making history again.

She’s become the first woman to capture the presidency in a major party.

And she’s doing so despite her party’s dismal standing nationally and the fact that her candidacy has drawn sharp criticism from Republicans and others who worry that she could alienate the party’s conservative base.

A new CNN/ WMUR poll finds Clinton leading Republican Donald Trump by 6 percentage points and tied in the Midwest.

Clinton has a lead of 2 points over the Libertarian Gary Johnson and a lead over the Green Party’s Jill Stein.

She leads by 5 among women and 6 among men.

*Donald Trump surges in national polls as GOP candidate loses ground*By KEVIN SONNY, AP national political writerBy KENNETH BRADSHAW, AP National Political WriterBy RICHARD J. MOORE, AP Political WriterDonald Trump’s campaign is up 12 points over his nearest competitor in the national poll of Republican presidential candidates and is up 15 points in battlegrounds that have been deemed


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