How to get French to English? Spandict-speaking friends at war

How to get French to English? Spandict-speaking friends at war

The word online, spandict (french) has become the lingua franca in French-speaking countries.

So how do you learn it?

Here are some of the tips that help you get the most out of this new medium.


Read a book Learn French.

French language books, like the classics, are available in French at any bookstore or online.

These can be a little hard to find, but you can find them at most major French bookstores.


Try a French TV show You’ll want to watch French TV shows that are on at least a weekly basis.

These include shows like La Grande Illusion (A French version of the popular French TV series) and The Good Wife (a spinoff of the American series The Americans).

You’ll also find some French movies on Netflix.


Listen to French music You can listen to music in French on the radio, through your local radio station, or through Spotify.

Some French TV stations, like RTL, have French music streaming options.


Visit the French Embassy Get a visa and be on the look out for French embassy personnel.

They’ll usually have some free French-language audio books available for purchase.


Get a French passport If you’re going to live in a country that requires a passport, you’ll need one.

Learn French and learn the basics of how to use it.

Learn about how to get a passport in France.


Learn the French language If you need help learning the French Language, it’s important to learn the vocabulary first.

Learn to pronounce certain words, or add them to your vocabulary list.

Use the French alphabet instead of the English alphabet to identify words and phrases.

You’ll learn French words faster when you learn these vocabulary words.


Get more French books and movies You’ll likely find that you’ll have to pick up books and films from the library.

It’s a great way to meet people, and the French culture is often in the background of many of these films.

It can be an easy way to get exposure to French culture.


Get French language lessons at school French schools are generally open to all levels of learning.

Some schools offer French language classes and some do not.

If you’ve never attended a school, you can still learn French if you get a visa.

Learn more about the different types of French schools in Canada.


Get an internship in a French language-learning organization Learn French at a French-related company.

Many French-based companies are hiring professionals to teach French to students, but they can also provide courses in French language learning.

The following are some companies that are hiring bilingual French teachers: L’Oréal France L’Oreal France B.F.M. France Lecompte French-Lebanese French Language Centre Légion Lécovre Bilingual Learning Service Lecombique Française French Language Center Learn more: How to Find the Best French Language Schools


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